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Finding Bliss, While WFH!

Checking in #BCSBabes!

This month will be a true testament to merging our new norm into our world as we know it. Whether you are using this time to relax, create a new product, launch a new course, or parenting, we hope that you have found inspiration to do what’s best for you during these times. We sure have!

We’ve curated several “feel good” conversations on Instagram LIVE to lend inspiration to our supporters in an effort to navigate and find sustained BLISS while working from home. Our team aims to provide you with extra support to accomplish daily goals at home through creativity and positive perspectives.


Feel Good Conversation Series

Our three-part series ended with a bang as we talked to an interior designer about how to create the perfect home office. The audience was excited to learn how to create an affordable space in the comfort of their homes!

We learned so much about creating bliss through interior design while working from home. Amber gave us some amazing easy to do tips on how to create a workspace in your home. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Top 3 things to include in your home workspace:

  • Natural lighting

  • A desk

  • Comfortable seat

2. Affordable place to shop for workspace essentials:

  • Target

  • HomeGoods

  • Wayfair)

3. When looking to maximize a small workspace in your home adhere to the following:

  • Small desks

  • Easy access containers

  • Storage

We know this information is relevant to ALL of our current situations. Gain more tips by checking out the recap today! Stay connected #BCSBabes!


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