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Tips for Millenials Looking to Combat Wedding Planning Costs

According to Pop Sugar, the Millennial fiance is one that is in the driver’s seat when it comes to planning his or her wedding. He or she likes to have control and wants to be involved in coordinating the details that come together for the big day. They may not have all the skills of a professional wedding planner, but still values the experience of doing the research and knowing that the wedding will reflect his or her personal vision of the perfect wedding ceremony and reception.

This is where it is beneficial for a fiance to know the type of help that is needed during the planning process. Traditionally, a wedding planner could be hired to plan every detail from engagement to the end of the wedding reception. But what if the wedding budget does not allow for that level of expense? What does the fiance do?

It’s obvious that this fiance doesn’t give up. That desire for control won’t allow it. Instead, they will usually begin planning independently, but could also benefit from hiring a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator. like Bliss Consulting Services, to ensure that all hope will not be lost.

Here are a few benefits that any millennial fiance can take advantage of when hiring a Day-Of Wedding Management Coordinator, based on the BCS Standard of Service:


We understand many of our couples won’t be the typical bride and groom. Most clients will want to maintain full control up until the wedding day. We typically make our entrance two months prior to the big day to help ease the transition from self-planning to just being the enjoying your ceremony. Our job is to coordinate vendors and the vision you planned while onsite.


We encourage the two to embrace their creative side while planning the most memorable day of their lives. This could include utilizing Pinterest for new ideas, coordinating with veteran couples that planned their own weddings, using the BCS list of vendors, and searching high and low for the components that are desired for your celebration. Adding these personal touches independently will ensure a sense of complete fulfillment when you’re walking down the aisle, recognizing the trail of petals your flower girl left for you from flowers that you specifically chose.


We like to speak to our bride and groom weekly to ensure that we can be aware of any changes that happen during the planning process. Making time to share the details as they change can make the difference between the happiest day of your life and a complete and unforgettable disaster.

Check Out BCS!

So before overextending your budget to hire a wedding planner you can’t afford or stressing about executing your planned vision on the day of, consider and even meet with a Wedding Day Management company to see if hiring them can be the wedding-planning compromise that you’re looking for. If they are passionate about meeting client needs like Bliss Consulting Services is, then you’re guaranteed to plan the wedding of your dreams and even enjoy the ceremony and celebration afterward!

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